HBO Hard Knocks 2011

Every year the NFL Network sucks me into their Hard Knocks Marathon during the first week of July. I have seen every single episode from all of the past years, heck I even own some of the seasons on DVD, but I still watch it and love every minute of it. For me the first new episode of Hard Knocks each year is the official start of a new NFL season and the lock out now has me wondering not only if the regular season will start on time (or at all) but will Hard Knocks be canceled as well? I am holding out hope for the NFL to come to terms (obviously the most important issue!) and that HBO has a plan in place to begin filming if the off season does start on time. My only wonder now is what team would make for dramatic television? I am pretty certain every single team could drum up interesting story lines for the show but here are the five teams I would most like to see featured in 2011.

1. New England Patriots- No matter how great this would be it is not going to happen. The only time Bill Belicheck allows cameras to tape a practice is when he sends them to film an opponents.

2. Green Bay Packers- The Super Bowl Champs have a lot of great personalities and it could make for great television watching them try and avoid the dreaded “Super Bowl Hangover”.

3. Detroit Lions- I love this team that is being built in Detroit. They have some great young talent that is on the verge of challenging for a playoff spot and featuring them on Hard Knocks could make them Americas favorite underdog in 2011.

4. Philadelphia Eagles- The Eagles have a very good team heading in 2011 and expectations will be high. They also have a controversial quarterback in Mike Vick and a cast of characters that could make them very entertaining for fans of the show.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Much like the Lions the Buc’s are a young team heading in the right direction. Their QB Josh Freeman is on the verge of breaking into the upper echelon of the best in the game and their young Coach Raheem Morris is filled with energy and enthusiasm that could rival last years Hard Knocks star Rex Ryan. Unfortunately the Buc’s were apparently approached about being the 2011 feature back in March and declined, but since this has been an off season filled with “hope” lets use a little bit more of that same optimism here.

Who would you most like to see in 2011?



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