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Withthefirstpick.com Scouting Reports

With the NFL season halfway done and the calendar about to hit November, it is worth pointing out that withthefirstpick.com has 43 full length scouting reports on NFL prospects ready to view with more coming.  Here is the link to the reports done so far and where to keep an eye on in the future to see where reports will continue to pile up as the season and draft process commences.  Feel free to weigh in and let us know if you agree, disagree and where I have it wrong.

Big school, small school, first round or borderline draftable, as long as I have access to the tape, I will evaluate the players.  I am not interested in waiting around to see what others think and form my opinion based on their thoughts.  That could result in me being right before consensus thinkers revise their rankings or potentially ending up dead wrong as I go a completely different direction as everyone else.  Follow along and marvel in my brilliance or ridicule my incompetence.  Either way, it should be fun as the process continues to play out this season and into the NFL Draft.

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