Free Agent Frenzy

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7. CB Antonio Cromartie (New York Jets) – Although Cromartie matured a lot last year playing on the other side of “Revis Island”, the Jets might let him walk to get last years first round pick Kyle Wilson into the mix. Where he will end up: Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore has been known for attracting notable defensive free agents. He would also be a huge upgrade over Chris Carr and Dominique Foxworth.

6. WR Sidney Rice (Minnesota Vikings) – Resigning Sidney Rice should be the Vikings number one priority. With a rookie quarterback starting they will need a veteran like Rice to ease the transition. The only problem is, Rice wants a Superbowl and he wants one now. Where he will end up: Chicago Bears. Mike Martz’s system requires fast slot wide receivers. Rice is a hybrid wide out in where he can beat you down field, or over the middle making him a terrific asset for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

5. RB Deangelo Williams (Carolina Panthers) – As bad as the Panthers want Williams back, it isn’t going to happen. Williams is tired of sharing the load with Jonathan Stewart and he finally wants to spread his wings.  Injuries hurt him last year, but he still is a strong runner who can drive an offense down the field. Where he will end up: Denver Broncos. Moreno is looking more like a bust every fifty yard rushing game he has and former Panthers coach Jon Fox is the new headmaster in Denver.  I am sure quarterback Tim Tebow would really enjoy this new addition to the offense.

4. DE Jason Babin (Tennessee Titans)- Jason Babins’ Pro Bowl year will award him a huge payday in free agency; just not from Tennessee. Titans new defensive line coach Tracy Rocker is looking to get a larger D-Line and Babin doesn’t fit the bill, nor the price. Where will he end up: Philadelphia Eagles. Babin had a successful year under Jim Washburn. It only makes sense to follow the man to Philly and keep his new career alive.

3. WR Santonio Holmes (New York Jets) -Santonio Holmes would be a spark in any offense and the Jets know this. The only thing is, Braylon Edwards showed some signs of his old Cleveland self last year and Mark Sanchez had chemistry with the former Brown.  Combine that with the money the Jets would save by keeping Edwards over Holmes could leave the Santonio looking for a new team next week. Where he will end up: Baltimore Ravens. Anquan Boldin is showing signs of aging and adding a younger receiver like Holmes could help bring more consistency for quarterback Joe Flacco.

2.OG Carl Nicks (New Orleans Saints) – Carl Nicks made the Pro Bowl last year and is one of the main reasons for the Saints re-surging running game. Jahri Evans was just made one of the highest paid guards in the league so I can’t see the Saints paying that much for Nicks too. Where he will end up: Detroit Lions. For the sake of Matthew Stafford the Lions need to bring him some protection. End of discussion.

1. CB Nnamdi Asomugha (Oakland Raiders) -Nnamdi Asomugha is without a doubt the number one free agent this year. We all know he wont be returning to Oakland as he is looking to join a contender. Hes a competitor and he wants to win, something Oakland can’t seem do for him. Where he will end up: Houston Texans. Every year everyone says this is Texans year. If they bolster that horrendous secondary with Asomugha, they might have a chance to unseat Peyton Manning and the Colts in the AFC South.