Players to Target-AFC South

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Jacksonville Jaguars-Rashad Jennings (WR): Last year Maurice Jones-Drew put a string of 100 yd games together which kept the Jags in playoff hunt. However, Mojo missed the final two games and most of week 14. Unless you’re in a lame league, that interferes with the fantasy playoffs. Mojo had surgery on his knee in the winter and in March told us he was feeling great. Then at the end of June, he told us he still wasn’t 100%. Listen, I’m not saying avoid Jones-Drew, he should still be taken in the first round. Just know his knee is pretty much bone on bone. This is where Rashad Jennings comes in. The Jags have said they plan to use Jennings more so they can keep Mojo fresh. Jennings showed flashes of greatness last year, scoring double digit fantasy points in 4 out of the last 6 games. If you want to make a good fantasy decision, and tick off the Maurice Jones-Drew owner, take Jennings with a 12th round pick.

Houston Texans- Owen Daniels (TE): What? Did you think I was going to say Ben Tate? Please. When you are on the hot seat like Kubiak, do you use what is essentially a rookie to ride because he was an early round pick last year? Or, do you go with the guy who led the league in TD’s, and rushing yards? If you say the first one, then you have your answer on why you aren’t a head coach. Before Owen Daniels was injured in 09′, he was the no. 1 TE in all of fantasy. I know this because I was taunting the Antonio Gates owner and telling them to suck it. It’s ok, the Gates owner was my fiance. In the end things worked out best for the relationship. Owen Daniels got hurt and I was no longer banished to the couch. Daniels was a disappointment for most of the season last year because he came back to early. When he finally was healthy during the last four games of the season, he led the team in targets. If you don’t get one of the big 5 TE’s (Gates, Clark, Finley, Witten, Davis), don’t be concerned, Daniels will do nicely in the 8th round.

Indianapolis Colts- Austin Collie (WR): Much like little Timmy when he falls down a well, Peyton Manning also depends on a Collie to help get him out of trouble. Obviously Austin Collie comes with a big risk. His career could be at risk if he suffers another concussion. However, Austin was no question Manning’s favorite target when he was playing. For those who think Dallas Clark will hurt Austin’s value, hold on a sec. Collie had games of 20 and 29 pts when he and Clark were sharing the field. Currently Collie is going in the mid rounds in standard scoring leagues. If you are in a ppr league, I would consider getting him as high as the 4th round. If Collie does go down with injury, go to the waiver wire and pick up the player who stands to benefit the most with his departure. You don’t want to be sitting on a couch one Sunday and say to yourself, “Where did you come from Pierre Garcon?”

Tennesee Titans-Jared Cook (TE): Jared Cook has three things going for him. First, Bo Scaife is gone and he no longer has any real competition at the position. Two, new Titans QB Matt Hasselback threw to TE John Carlson often in the red zone, including two td’s in the playoff win vs. the Saints. Third, if Kenny Britt ends up being suspended for any amount of games, Cook will receive more targets. Right now Jared Cook isn’t being drafted in a majority of mock drafts because of depth at the TE position. However, for deeper leagues, he is worth a late round pick. For those in leagues with ten or twelve teams, keep in eye on him in the first two weeks.