Fantasy Football: You Heard it Here First, Part 1 NFC

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NFC East

Eagles: LeSean McCoy does not finish the year as a top 15 running back!

McCoy’s production last year was great but that was due to an empty backfield. Ronnie Brown has been added to the picture and despite what you might hear now, Brown will eat more into McCoy’s production than people are expecting.

Cowboys: Tashard Choice will finish the year as a top 10 running back!

Marion Barber is finally gone and the failed Felix Jones experiment won’t continue under Jason Garret. Choice has been the best backup in the league for two years and this year he will show us all why. Draft Choice and stash him on your bench early on; by week 17 you will be extremely happy you did.

Giants: Ahmad Bradshaw does not finish the year as a top 20 running back!

Bradshaw is extremely injury prone and this year it will take a significant chunk out of his playing time. Last year, Bradshaw was not able to practice during the season because playing on Sunday would aggravate a foot injury horribly. Bradshaw is currently going in the 4th round, pass on him and go with Blount or DeAngelo Williams and watch someone else curse Bradshaw’s name all year.

Redskins: Chris Cooley finishes as a top 10 tight end!

Cooley finished last year with 77 receptions and only 3 touchdowns. While it’s always difficult to predict touchdowns, that ratio is definitely skewed. Look at Cooley’s stats and you will see that when he catches 75-80 balls, he also bring in 6-8 touchdowns. With the Redskins receiving core in a state of flux, look for Cooley to emerge as Beck/Grossman’s reliable option.

NFC South

Saints: No receiver or running back finishes in the top 20 for their position!

Might sound a bit confusing but what I mean is that none of the Saints’ receivers will finish as a top 20 receiver and the same goes for the Saints’ running back finishing in the top 20 of running backs. The Saints are a dynamic offense but it doesn’t help out in fantasy. Brees spreads the ball around too much and the Saints’ backfield is too crowded right with Ingram, Sproles, & Thomas. Stay away from any Saint not named Brees or Graham.

Panthers: DeAngelo Williams finishes as a top 10 running back!

That’s right, DeAngelo returns to greatness after a down year. Listen, it really does not matter whether Jimmy Clausen or Cam Newton is starting at QB in week 1. This team’s best weapons are the running backs and DeAngelo will get back to 15-20 touches a game. Look for Williams to put up some insane numbers, as the biggest shock in fantasy football this year.

Buccaneers: Josh Freeman finishes as a top 5 quarterback!

I know it sounds crazy but this prediction is much closer to reality than many will realize. Freeman broke out last year by passing for over 3,400 yards, with 25 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Freeman can easily keep growing on these numbers and reach 30 touchdowns, and add a few more with his legs. He may not be Vick, but Freeman is more mobile than Rodgers, who is good for a few rushing touchdowns each year. Wait on QB this year in your draft and take Freeman in the 8-9th round, you won’t be sorry.

Falcons: Michael Turner is not the starting RB at the end of the season!

Michael Turner was fantastic, 3 years ago. Too many of us are still living in the past and remembering Turner’s better days. In 2008, Turner ran the ball 376 times for 1,700 yards and 17 touchdowns. The next year, Turner was riddled with injuries and only played in 11 games, with fewer than 180 attempts. Last year, Turner ran the ball over 330 times. Are you seeing the pattern yet? The production drop in running backs after a season of significant carries is well documented. Stay away from Turner this year, as he will be riddled with injuries again.