Pocket Change – Preseason Week 4

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What happened to the weather?  Of all the things football can be played in – rain, snow, sleet, wind, cold – lightning is the only thing that will stop a game.  And it did all weekend.  Several college football games had to be delayed at various points over the last few days due to “inclement weather”, which is usually a term reserved for baseball games or cookouts.  College football vs. the elements.  Not sure, but I think I’d give the nod to Mother Nature on this one…

Of all that was seen over the last weekend, of all the “big” games, the best would have to have been the game between TCU and Baylor.  Boise St – Georgia, Oregon – LSU, and anything Notre Dame or any other “traditional” powerhouse

program could muster this past weekend couldn’t even come close to that game.  It’s very early, but the performance we witnessed by two “second-tier” teams last Friday night should already be on the list for Game of the Year.

One more thing – Under Armor and Nike – PLEASE – for the love of GOD stop messing up uniforms.  When you watch a game you should be able to tell who is playing, not need an explanation on why the team looks different that particular week.  I don’t know who thinks these new looks for teams are worth the time and money wasted on them, but if you’re going to waste that much money at least make it re-useable.  Seeing the teams in those “one-use” uniforms is like attending a wedding where the bridesmaids are wearing ridiculous dresses that everyone knows they will never be able to wear anywhere else.

This Thursday is the start of our six month journey through the NFL universe, as well as our fantasy leagues.  For all the greatness that the college game has to offer, and it is great, there’s nothing like the NFL season to cure the common sports fan of his or her summer malaise.  It’s that special time of year where we can feel all the emotions of a lifetime in a single afternoon.  There is no other time like the one on which we’re all about to embark.  After all the uncertainty of the off-season, we can finally get to it.  Now we can be more concerned with how bad our starting quarterback’s shoulder injury is or if our #1 running back can play this week.  Ya know, stuff that REALLY matters.  The start of the season is like a gift to ALL football fans for putting up with the dark cloud that hung over the league for the last six months.

Why do we NEED to have this ridiculous weeknight start to the season?  Opening Day but NOT really opening day?  Huh?  Opening Day is supposed to be for all the teams, not just two of them.  The NFL started doing this several years ago and I know the league wants to get the season off to a good start (who doesn’t) but a Thursday night?  I’d much rather see the league go back to opening on the same day (minus the Monday night games of course).  There could still be a big celebration the night before or something to usher in the new season.  Having the opening of the season on a Thursday just seems forced by the league to make sure everyone notices.  Here’s a hint – it’s football – EVERYONE already notices!

So there’s a few thoughts for the last week.  Next week – the first FULL weekend of football.  Can it get any better?  OK, maybe – but from a sports fan’s perspective?  No.  No it cannot.