NFL Mock Draft 2015: Rounds 1-2

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Florida State. Nick O'Leary. 60. player. 45. The Broncos need a tight end after loosing Julius Thomas in free agency. Like every quarterback, Peyton Manning needs a security blanket to make famous. Tight end Nick O’Leary is the kind of guy he can use so the Broncos take him here.. TE

61. player. 46. The Colts have to get some kind of running game going to get to the Super Bowl. So here, they take running back Tevin Coleman, who looks like he could be special. Even though the Patriots are the champs, the road to the Super Bowl would go through Indianapolis.. RB. Indiana. Tevin Coleman

DL. Ohio State. Michael Bennet. 62. player. 49. After getting their inside linebacker in the first round, the Packers address the defensive line. And 3-4 end Michael Bennet is too good of a player to pass up in the second round. Bennet can fit in as a 3-4 end move inside to tackle on third down.

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