Oakland Raiders Mock Draft 2015: Completing the Roster

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Round, 3: Tre Jackson

Head coach Jack Del Rio’s style is to play smash-mouth football and on offense, that means running the football. Austin Howard is moving back to his natural position of right tackle, where he’s a road-grader. Left tackle Donald Penn, left guard Gabe Jackson and center Rodney Hudson are road graders.

For Murray to have huge holes to run through, the Raiders need a right guard that’s a road-grader. And Trae Jackson, at 6’4″, 330 pounds, has the size and strength to be a road-grader in the NFL. He also has surprising athleticism to make him a more than capable pass-protector as well.

So the Raiders take him as gleefully as a fat kid takes a piece of cake when they see there in round three. Del Rio gets another one that perfectly fits that smash-mouth brand of football  he likes. The Raiders’ offensive line then becomes a dominant unit without weakness and the offense rolls in 2015.

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