Dallas Cowboys 2015 Offseason Robbery

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La’el Collins

Okay, the Cowboys ended up with the best edge-rusher in free agency and the Draft respectively. The already have the best offensive line in football and then they get the best offensive lineman in the draft. He should have been a top-10 pick but fell because of a murder investigation that he’s completely innocent of.

If you’ve seen the preseason games this year, you saw that no offensive lineman in the draft is as dominant as he is. That one is crazy to me because it’s not like the Cowboys really needed an offensive lineman. But since he didn’t get drafted because of the investigation, he chose his team and it’s the Cowboys.

They upgraded the best offensive line in the NFL so it’s no wonder why McFadden is running through had big holes. Collins is a tackle turned guard too so defensive tackles aren’t going to get past him into quarterback Tony Romo’s face either. With the combination of skill-position players and offensive lineman, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys lead the NFL in offense.

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