Derek Carr vs Teddy Bridgewater: Carr Separating

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Dec 7, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) prepares to throw a pass against the San Francisco 49ers in the second quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports


If you take who both QBs played against into consideration, it stacks up further in favor if Carr. The Raiders had the toughest schedule in the NFL last year, while Carr didn’t have much around him. He played seven games against top-5 pass defenses and 11 against teams in the top 10 to Bridgewater’s three in the top 10.

And of the top-10 pass defenses in the NFL, Carr played against eight of them including all of the top five. He played the No. 1, the No. 2 and No. 4 pass defense twice to make 11 of his 16 starts against a Top-10 defense. Bridgewater only played against four teams with Top-10 pass defenses and four games with those teams.

Carr only played against three teams that had losing records while Bridgewater only played against three teams with winning records. He lost all of those games too so you might not want to put too much into Bridgewater’s 6-6 record as a starter as a rookie. It’s kinda like everyone annointing Marcus Mariota after beating the Buccaneers then not so much the next week.

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