2018 NFL Mock Draft: Opening Weekend Edition

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2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Sam Darnold, QB, USC

The preseason was an ugly display of football for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their offense just wasn’t able to find a rhythm. The fact they toyed with starting Chad Henne over Blake Bortles is the perfect example of the problems.

Bortles just hasn’t developed into a quarterback capable of making quality reads. He tends to hold the ball too long, force the ball into coverage or deliver a poor throw. It has to be frustrating for a Jaguars team that has plenty of talent across the roster.

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Offensively, they have plenty of weapons for a young quarterback to succeed. Allen Robinson is one of the better receivers in the league while Marquis Lee has developed into a playmaker.

The combination of those receivers and addition of Leonard Fournette would create a perfect scenario for a rookie like Sam Darnold. Adding Darnold to the mix could be the missing piece that finally gets the Jaguars back into the playoffs.

Darnold is a well-rounded athlete who makes great decisions with the ball. He has the arm strength to attack all parts of the field. However, it’s his poise in the pocket that makes him special. Darnold is a true leader and should be able to contribute from day one.