2020 NFL Draft: Questions still surround OU quarterback Jalen Hurts

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With all the game film set, the questions surrounding Jalen Hurts come under more scrutiny as he prepares for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jalen Hurts collegiate story is one for the ages, and his sole season at Oklahoma only cemented the fact. His next step towards the 2020 NFL Draft won’t be any easier than the trials he faced in college football as he faces many questions in his game.

Jalen Hurts remains the enigma he’s been cast as since his benching in the second half of the 2017 National Championship. Since that moment, more questions are raised around the 21-year-old quarterback. In July, I asked the initial question surrounding Hurts in the minds of NFL Draft fanatics: How high can Jalen Hurts go in the 2020 NFL Draft?

The question doesn’t present easy answers. Do teams look at his physical skill set and take a chance? Do they remove him from their boards for accuracy concerns? How much does his winning mentality and 2019 performance weigh in the war rooms on draft day?

Again, more questions.

The Senior Bowl was a chance for many of the questions to begin to find answers. Instead, much like the Peach Bowl against LSU, Hurts was under immense pressure when he took the field. His stat line, 6-13, 58 yards with a touchdown and interception, wasn’t the full look scouts hoped to have of the Heisman runner-up.


Still, all of Hurts’ game film is available. His physical attributes will come under question further in the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine and his pro day. No matter how well he looks at those events, the film never lies. So let’s look at the film and begin to answer the same ole question.

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