Cleveland Browns mock free agency period as tampering is underway

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Go through a mock free agency period with the Cleveland Browns, looking for maximum value while plugging major holes on their roster.

Legal tampering is set to begin on Monday at noon, and free agency news will come flooding in shortly after. At the NFL Combine, Browns general manager Andrew Berry stated that the team will be aggressive when it comes to player acquisition. Aggressiveness is great, but Cleveland must also be frugal. Finding the best values in free agency will be no small task, but Berry’s front office is well-suited for the challenge.

In preparation for what may be to come, here is a mock runthrough of a value-oriented FA period for the Browns. Contract projections will be sourced (if available) from Pro Football Focus‘s 2020 free agent rankings, which uses estimates from OverTheCap.

Team Needs

As the roster stands right now, the Browns aren’t in a terrible spot. They have potentially franchise starters at QB, RB, WR, LG, C, EDGE, and CB. There are, however, depth issues across the board, and starters needed at LT, RT, LB, CB, FS, and SS.  There could also be starters needed at WR3, TE, RG, DT,  and EDGE. So for the entire offseason, this is what we need to find:





Competition at RG

Versatile OL depth

EDGE depth

DL depth


LB depth

Slot CB



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