7 2020 NFL Draft UDFAs who could be key contributors in 2020

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Which 2020 NFL Draft UDFAs can make a splash?

It may be a bit surprising to some fans to learn that undrafted free agents on average actually made up over 30% of NFL rosters in 2019. While making the roster is one thing, there are always a couple of UDFA that end up seeing the field, becoming key contributors, and making a name for themselves in their rookie seasons. Who will be in that group from the 2020 NFL Draft class?

There are many different reasons why a player might go undrafted. Character concerns usually are the biggest reasons for some of the more talented players. A lack of size and/or athleticism, coming from a small school, or the position they play are some of the many other reasons.

There are plenty of examples of players proving the doubters wrong right away after going undrafted. Players like David Blough (CLE & DET), Malik Reed (DEN), Ashton Dulin (IND), Preston Williams (MIA), and Alex Ingold (OAK) were just some of the UDFA to find key roles on their teams and see the field as rookies.

Some undrafted free agents have been so good that they wound up in the Hall of Fame when it was all said and done. It’s weird to think Antonio Gates, Wes Welker, Jeff Saturday, James Harrison, John Randle, Kurt Warner, and Warren Moon all started their careers as UDFA.

While these players have a long way to go to reach that level, they do have some of the best chances to make their teams and see the field plenty as rookies:

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