What to know about Shaun Wade after declaring for 2021 NFL Draft

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2021 NFL Draft prospect Shaun Wade

2021 NFL Draft prospect Shaun Wade. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Get to know the newest 2021 NFL Draft declaration: Shaun Wade

Shaun Wade Cornerback

Ohio State has been a factory for developing cornerbacks over the last few years. They don’t just produce corners but they produce first round cornerbacks. The next in line, Shaun Wade has decided to declare for the 2021 NFL Draft. With the uncertainty of the Big Ten coming back this fall, Wade has taken it upon himself to go ahead and just begin his preparation for this year’s draft process.

How we will remember Shaun Wade from his Ohio State career is a guy who shined while never being the guy in a loaded defensive back group. Shaun Wade also should be remembered for the way that he changed the Ohio State defense in 2019. His versatility and abilities forced Ohio State to use the nickel package as their base defense because he was simply just too good to not be on the field. His role as the nickel allowed Ohio State to be one of the top defenses in the country by adding more speed on the field.


Shaun Wade is a cornerback prospect that was due to take another step forward this season. He was going to be tasked this year with aligning as the outside cornerback which is the only thing his tape really lacked last year. Not having that tape aligning outside could make his draft stock all over the place for people. Regardless, Shaun Wade is a very good talent that people shouldn’t over think and a dive into his scouting report will tell you why.

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