2021 NFL Mock Draft: Dolphins add weapons, Chargers bolster O-line

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2021 NFL Mock Draft

Jets land Trevor Lawrence in 2021 NFL Mock Draft. Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

What 2021 NFL Mock Draft fits are the best at the midway point?

We are more than halfway through the 2020 NFL season and for a lot of teams, that means it is officially draft season and time for a 2021 NFL Mock Draft. There are multiple teams in contention for the number one overall pick, even though it might seem to be decided. Currently, the Jets are still leading the way at 0-8, but the Jags are right behind them at only 1-7.

After those two teams, there are a group of teams who have three wins or less, the Vikings, Lions, Panthers, Vikings, Patriots, Broncos, Chargers, Bengals, Texans and the entire NFC East. These teams are ready for the draft. Their seasons are most likely over and they and their fans are looking for players they can attach their fandom to.

For teams like the Jets, Jags, Lions and Bengals this outcome was expected, so while their fans still might be upset, this was at least expected. However, for teams like the Patriots and Cowboys, this is a shocking season outcome. The Patriots haven’t seen their team in this position in a very long time, and the Cowboys entered the season with sky-high expectations.

However, regardless of what these teams are thinking about their season; it is draft season. Conversely, for teams that are currently killing it, like the Chiefs, Saints and Steelers, the draft isn’t really in their sight currently, but it is still important.

How many quarterbacks go in the top-ten; how many in the first round? How are teams going to prioritize this elite receiver class? How are the Texans going to improve without a first round pick? I hope that I will be able to answer some of these questions in this mock. Well, maybe not the Texans one…but the rest for sure!

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