2021 NFL Mock Draft: Patriots land DeVonta Smith, Dolphins land defensive playmaker

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2021 NFL Mock Draft

Where will DeVonta Smith land in 2021 NFL Mock Draft? Mandatory Credit: Kent Gidley/Heisman Trophy Trust via USA TODAY Sports

Who does your favorite team land in this 2021 NFL Mock Draft?

With the first eighteen picks of the 2021 NFL Draft solidified, why not do a mock draft to celebrate. Eighteen of the thirty-two NFL teams are officially in draft season, and their fans are doing the research to figure out why they want their team to draft. What better time for a 2021 NFL Mock Draft?

From the Jags picking number one overall, to the Dolphins picking eighteenth; these teams are now looking forward to the NFL draft as the next exciting moment for their team. When looking at each team and who they might draft, things like positional needs, best player available, positional value and depth of position are all taken into account in the draft.

Since this is a big weekend for the NFL, I decided to do a three round mock draft, meaning all thirty-two NFL teams will be able to see at least one of their picks in this mock. Certain picks are all but announced, while others are still trying to be predicted. This is a great draft class for most positions, and the first three rounds are loaded with great talent. All thirty-two teams land good players in this draft. Certain teams have upwards of five picks in the first three rounds, while others only have one. Without any further delay, let’s get into this mock!

The draft order was found on tankathon.com and the mock draft was constructed by using The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine.

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