Bears: 5 under-the-radar prospects in 2021 NFL Draft

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Bears. Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are once again flopping about trying to find a direction, and the answer is probably not a clear one with Andy Dalton and the helm. There are some positives to the team with a couple of nice players on defense and the fact Allen Robinson is around for another year. They do have their fair share of needs through the past quarterback. The Bears might also be the fourth-best team in their own division, depending on your view of the new-look Detroit Lions.

Looking back on where the bears are now, both the trade up for Mitchell Trubisky and the trade for elite pass-rusher Mack may not have been the right answers. The lack of draft capital has left them in a bit of a bind as far as overall talent goes. General manager Ryan Pace has also missed quite hard when drafting pass catchers as well, outside of Allen Robinson there is not a pass catcher on the Bears most teams would feel comfortable throwing out as a starter.

The upside here for the Bears is the fact they might be fourth in the division, they don’t have to force picks, they can get what they need and build. Even if it means costing Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy their jobs, which most Bears fans thought last year was their last year.

Current draft outlook for Bears

The top-five needs for the Bears as the 2021 NFL Draft approaches are quarterback, wide receiver, offensive tackle, cornerback, and defensive tackle.

They are going to have some tough choices to make in this draft, there is a real possibility they could trade up for a quarterback if one does fall such as Justin Fields of Ohio State or Trey Lance of  North Dakota State. There are also going to be options in the second round for them to jump up and maybe take an offensive lineman. Their first round pick may end up dictating the rest of the draft, if it is in fact a trade for a quarterback this would drastically change their draft. If they stay put and go after offensive tackle or corner, they could stick with their original draft plan.

This is a good draft for the Bears as their needs come in bunches in this draft on both sides of the ball. Even at quarterback there are some later guys, who could be their starter in 2022 or 2023.

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