2021 NFL Draft: An ideal prospect per team as draft day arrives

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2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft. (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

With the 2021 NFL Draft less than a week away, anticipation is at an all-time high. According to fans and draft fans everywhere, there are about 50 players who could go in the first round. Now, if you know how numbers work, it is physically impossible for any more than 32 players to get drafted on the opening night of the draft.

Each of those 32 players is drafted by the team that thinks they are the best fit for them. Evidently, that is not always the case. Teams pick players who do not work out all the time. Take just last year for example; Isaiah Wilson was expected to be a week one starter at right tackle for the Titans, and now, a year later, he is not on an NFL team.

Each 2021 NFL Draft prospect has a best fit.

It’s difficult to predict what players are the best fit for each team, but we can always try! Looking at past draft tendencies of general managers, schemes, and team needs can help us try to predict what directions teams will go with their first-round pick. Sometimes, there is another player that is a better fit for that team, however.

This article will list the best prospect for each team, in regards to their draft position. That means that you won’t see Trevor Lawrence listed to the Bears, which makes sense, because he won’t be available. Obviously, there is nothing constant about the NFL draft, and there is no way to predict when each player will be drafted, but we’re going to try our best.

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