New York Jets revamp the franchise in the 2021 NFL Draft

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The 2021 NFL Draft completely changed the course of the New York Jets destiny. They came in with the chance to win, and they did.

The New York Jets went into the draft with the idea they were getting their next quarterback. That part was true, they did as they took Zach Wilson, BYU second overall. After that, it seemed to be quite murky as to what they would do. The Jets could attack fixing the defense, or try and surround Zach Wilson with tons of top-end talent. They chose to give Wilson the talent needed to be successful now.

The Jets draft overall was a success to most people, depending on how you view the trade up for the best guard in the draft. The Jets went offense for their first four picks in the draft, showing a commitment to Zach Wilson that the organization never showed to Sam Darnold. Some questions still remained on defense, but they took four defensive backs on day three. This was maybe a best-case scenario for the Jets. As both Elijah Moore and Michale Carter went lower than expected.

While the defensive backs were later than most people wanted and a little less talented. With an upgraded pass rush, it should mask some of their weaknesses. The Jets came out of this draft, drafting possibly five new starters overall. This team could enter week one throwing out 11 new starters across the starting 22. This is a massive upgrade no matter how you look at it, this off-season for the Jets was one of the best in recent memory.

Now, let’s jump into the New York Jets 2021 NFL Draft and see which players will be franchise-changing for a team that came in with more questions than answers.

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