Cleveland Browns focus on value in 2021 NFL Draft class

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The Cleveland Browns’ draft is heralded as one of the best throughout the NFL, and that reaction is justified considering Cleveland’s circumstances.

Cleveland entered the draft with a lack of needs, which gave them flexibility in terms of taking positions. Despite said flexibility and lack of true holes on the roster, general manager Andrew Berry still had a few goals.

The team did not have a lot of depth at cornerback, needed to get faster at wide receiver, and the linebacker corp seemed to be its weakest group. This draft class had talent at all of those positions, so Cleveland had plenty of opportunities to succeed.

Did Cleveland focus on need or value?

While Berry did address these issues stated above, there is more to a good draft class than simply addressing needs. The team must select players who can help them now and help in the future, and Cleveland did that. Over the course of the draft, Cleveland stacked up on players that can start immediately as well as developmental players. They were strong in positions such as tackles and safeties, but the team addressed said positions anyways.

While a lot of rookies in this draft class can be useful in their first years, the Browns finally have the depth to properly develop said rookies. Thus, the players the Cleveland Browns selected need to be evaluated individually and by different standards. Do they make an immediate impact? Do they need to make an immediate impact? What is their potential? These are the questions that will be addressed as the Cleveland Browns’ draft picks are graded.

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