2022 NFL mock draft: A few big surprises in store in round one

American quarterback Malik Willis of Liberty Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
American quarterback Malik Willis of Liberty Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports /
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NFL Mock Draft picks 21-32

21. Patriots- Devin Llyod, LB Utah
This seems like a Patriots move to get a do-it, high motor, and electric linebacker. That defense has lost a lot this offseason. Llyod can come in day one and be the starter, maybe even the leader on this defense.

22. Packers- Chris Olave, WR Ohio State
Packers need to replace Adams after losing him in a trade that I think they won when you look at money and where this team is. Olave is one of the best in this draft and should be able to step in on day one and play any position they ask of him. He is also no stranger to catching in the cold weather. Yes, that matters.

23. Cardinals- Trent McDuffie, CB Washington
I have my concerns about McDuffie and his mix of size and arms, but they need a corner terribly, and I think he has a better chance to succeed over Elam. This defense has a strong safety duo, so he’s got a great safety net if it takes him a little bit.

24. Cowboys- Tyler Linderbuam, IOL Iowa
While he is more of a center than anything else, he could easily be moved over to guard to fill a need and play center. This is a team that wants to win now, and at 24, they got a starter at three different positions on the offensive line—one which has a history of not being healthy the last few years.

25. Bills- Zion Johnson, IOL Boston College
The Bills don’t need a lot, but with an elite quarterback, you just gave the bag. The Bills need him to stay healthy. I think Zion could end up on the outside as well; I’m not sure how much better he will be, but the best teams have six to seven offensive linemen worthy of starting. The Bills should continue to follow that mold.

26. Titans- Treylon Burks, WR Arkansas
Burks will be a great addition to AJ Brown, who is on an island right now. Julio is gone, and the rest of the receivers on the team are barely starter material. Burks might be the best-contested-catch receiver in this draft; if he can polish his routes with his size and speed on the field, he could be an intriguing player in the middle or out of the backfield.

27. Buccaneers- Daxton Hill, S Michigan
Bucs pick Hill here and replace what they lost, keeping the roster young and growing while still having SuperBowl power. With Hill, the Bucs could have the best young secondary in the NFL. He also is the best value on the board at this time.

28. Packers- Skyy Moore, WR Western Michigan
Yup, back-to-back wide receivers. After never taking the first-round WR in the last several years, they take two here to match with a dynamic running back combo, which gives Rodgers a lot of talent in his final years to make another run.

Unlike their last receiver, Moore is quite a bit different, and should Lazard take another leap forward; this offense might be more dangerous than it was a year ago. Not a good sign for the slowly fading NFC North.

29. Chiefs- Kaiir Elam, CB Flordia
Cheifs need to fix that secondary, and Elam is the safer pick over Booth Jr.; this is a need-over-value pick here. He should have no issue coming in day one and being an outside corner, if not their number one corner.

30. Cheifs- Christan Watson, WR North Dakota State
Watson is Tyreek Hill year one in a different package. This kid is an athletic machine and is off the chart in just about every category; he will need some adjustments to his route running. But, once he gets the ball in his hands, he can do just about anything he wants.

31. Bengals- Andrew Booth Jr., CB Clemson
We all saw the Super Bowl; they were one elite corner away from winning it. Is Booth that guy? It remains to be seen, but he is easily an upgrade over anyone else on the roster. He is also a little raw, so we are unsure what his actual upside is, but all signs are pretty darn good.

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32. Lions- Sam Howell, QB UNC
Lions need someone to replace Goff; Howell brings a unique skill set with his rushing ability, size, and experience. While he can be a bit wild at times, he doesn’t need to start right away, and they have a lot of draft capital this year and next to go out and get talent around him on the OL and at the pass-catching positions.