Arkansas QB, Ryan Mallet

Ryan Mallett: Substance Abuse Problem?

Araknsas QB, Ryan Mallett

Ever since Ryan Mallett transferred from the University of Michigan to the University of Arkansas, rumors have been swirling around about his character. There has been speculation about an alleged attitude problem and unspecified off the field issues. Yesterday, gave some insight to what may be causing these attitude problems and off the field issues. Here’s a portion of what they had to say:

…sources inside the Arkansas program are shedding some light on the rumors that Mallett has substance abuse problems.

NFL Draft Monsters has a policy of not publishing a story without two independent confirmations.  We were approached this week, by a source inside the Arkansas program who told us that he has personally witnessed Mallett use both marijuana, and cocaine.  This corroborates an account given to us a few months back, that we had been unable to substantiate.

Also, Wes Bunting of National Football Post recently quoted an NFL scout as saying:

I got stuff on Mallett that no one even knows about, and I wouldn’t touch him.

Wow. If these accusations are true, Mallet will surely see his draft stock plumed. Mallett and his agent will have to do a lot of confidence building among coaches and scouts, between now and the draft. I’m on the fence about these latest allegations. There have been no reports about Mallett failing any drug tests at Michigan or at Arkansas. Then again, why would everyone be claiming these things about Mallett if they didn’t have proof or witness these acts first hand? This story will play out in the oncoming months. For Mallet’s sake, lets hope it plays out in his favor, or else he may be pegged as the next JaMarcus Russell, overrated, slow-footed, and drugged up.

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  • Friend of the program

    Sounds like a smear campaign to me. How does a website with 7 total articles with anonymous sources get instant credibility? Here’s a fact: in 3 years Mallett did not fail a drug test at the U of A. It seems media these days are so desperate for breaking news they’ll post anything.

    • Dave Hendricks

      uh… they have more than seven articles just on their homepage buddy… I quite counting t 50 articles on their site…

      seems like “friend of the program” is more likely, “relative of the Mallett”

      • Larry McDaniel

        hmmm interesting…

  • Steve Preston

    Hey sports fans! Gather ’round. We have some more smut to report because sensationalism sells. No, we can’t verify that any of this is true about Ryan Mallett. But a guy with a computer and another website said it’s true based on someone else who said it’s true. Factual? Can’t really claim so. But who cares. We make our money selling advertisements, so the more hits we get, the more we make. And rumors sell by gum. Happy clicking.