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Welcome to With The First Pick’s Draft Lab!

The Lockout is almost over, and fans are chomping at the bit for news about their team’s moves down the road.  We have never been in a situation where Free Agency didn’t go down in February or March, where our favorite draft picks weren’t seen days after the draft in a rookie minicamp wearing there new numbers, where the hype machine wasn’t moving at full-tilt on July 15th, or where football…gasp…actually left people’s minds for more than a few seconds.

That time is coming to an end.  Sometime between July 21th and July 25th, there will be a new deal.  So, for the next eight days before the season kicks off, I will be breaking down divisions day-by-day and detailing whom that team may be targeting in the draft, and where I think they will pick.  The team-needs articles will culminate with my first mock draft of the year.  For the record, the mock draft that I published last year had nine direct hits, equal to Mel Kiper’s and short of Rick Gosslin’s draft by 3, so stay tuned.

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