Dec 31, 2011; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A

2012 NFL Mock Draft Miami Dolphins


Dec 31, 2011; Houston, TX, USA; Texas A

The Miami Dolphins enter the draft as one of, if not, The most QB needy team in the league. There is a lot of speculation that they will take Ryan Tannehill the QB out of Miami. The question here is to filter through what the Dolphins say and do between now and draft to get a clue as to whether or not they truly believe in in Ryan Tannehill as the answer. For this 2012 NFL Mock draft I assume that the Dolphins are fond of Tannehill and make that selection at 8th overall.

1st round:  Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A and M

Tannehill is worth a first round pick, even though he’s a fringe first round value on my big board. His positional value dictates that he’s worth a first round pick because he won’t be around in the second round. I think he’ll take time, but that eventually he develops into a franchise caliber quarterback. Maybe he’s not a top 10 guy, but I think he can definitely be a top 15 guy.

2nd round: Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss

The Dolphins could stand to upgrade their RT spot even though they have a pretty good offensive line in general. They could also look to improve LG and jettison Richie Incognito, but here they take the very promising Bobby Massie. A guy who has seen his stock jump from the end of the season. Massie is a late 2nd round pick on my board, but he could be much higher on other boards because he has that kind of raw physical ability and plays with a mean streak. Usually when a team drafts a QB they grab an OL or a WR to help ease the transition.

3rd round: Shea McClelin, OLB, Boise State

If you wanted to you could switch Shea McClelin with Bobby Massie. I’m not the biggest McClelin fan but he’s having a Brooks Reed type pre-draft process and is putting himself right in line to be a top 50 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. McClelin is athletic and has a good motor to be a standup 34 outside linebacker. He also has more diversity in his game than a player like Bruce Irvin and no character concerns or production concerns. The Dolphins have Cameron Wake who is terrific, but he’s not a young man and they haven’t shown they can find someone to play on the opposite side, or behind him yet. Perhaps McClelin is that player.

3rd round:  Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest

Givens is a vastly underrated WR with terrific quickness and an ability to create yards after the catch. Philbin might view Givens as his Greg Jennings in his new offensive system. The Dolphins already have a few guys who aren’t huge targets who can create a little bit after the catch with Bess and Hartline, but in todays’ NFL where DB can’t use their hands a lot-a whole WR corps of these types of players can be useful. For example what the 2011 New York Giants season. Not one of their top four WR is over 6’1 (Unless you but Ramses Barden ahead of Jerel Jernigan. But Nicks, Cruz, Manningham…Jernigan,  are all under 6′).

4th round: Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri

I don’t know if the Dolphins love Anthony Fasano or not, they seem to, but perhaps they’ll come to their senses. Prior to the season Egnew was over-rated, now the guy is underrated. He’s one of the few draftable TE in this class and has good size and really plus hands. Egnew could be a number two TE instantly in Miami and develop into a receiving threat and #1 TE with some more strength and blocking coaching.

5th round: Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A and M

Fuller is a big huge target at WR, but most importantly already has a good rapport with 1st round pick Ryan Tannehill. It’s always good to get a young Quarterback comfortable and quick. Tannehill knows Fuller well and they have worked together well. This is another case of the Dolphins taking a guy who was projected as a very early pick before the season before he slid way down boards.

6th round: Tramian Thomas, S, Arkansas

I’m not impressed with the Dolphins talent and depth at the safety position. Thomas is an athletic safety who can come in and play well on special teams and develop into a starter. In the 6th round you’re not hoping to find immediate starters, just guys that can play special teams and develop into starters. You’re looking for guys who can make your roster. Thomas can do that, which is why he’s a solid pick here.

7th round: Chris Marve, ILB, Vanderbilt

The Dolphins could really stand to improve their linebacker corps. Kevin Burnett is a stop-gap as the starter inside next to Karlos Dansby. Marve is a guy who has struggled through injuries, and has a reputation for being a guy fast in pads. I think he sheds blocks well and is tough. Should be a good fit inside in the Dolphins 34 defense.

What do you think Dolphins fans?

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  • bakingman52

    Like it

  • drumzan

    Why would Miami bring in Garrard and draft a #1 QB in the same year?  Just doesn’t make sense.  They’ll draft Cousins or Weeden in the 2nd round.
    Givens is slated for the 2nd round, not 3rd.

    • Jesse Bartolis

      Because neither Garrard or Moore are franchise QBs.

      Show me a board where Givens is in the top 64 and I’ll agree with you, but I haven’t found one I don’t believe.

  • rvafinfan

    Because gerrard and moores stats are so clise its not funny and they are the only qbs we have. We need a third. It sounds dumb but actually really smart.

  • phinsTOGO

    @drumzan I think JI is a idiot signing Gerrad broken down QB I would think he picks a QB in the first round if not a QB a pass rusher to help Cam Camron or a RT!! But I think he will find a way to screw it all up again!! But me personally I draft a stud WR or a QB period!

  • muckdog

    Moore is fine. Keep drafting big offensive linemen. And defensive linemen.

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  • knappies51

    I hate how everyone has us drafting Tannehill, when I think the obvious decision  would be to go with a Quintin Coples or Marvin Ingram, a Riley Rieff at RT, or even a Michael Floyd. Those 3 positions are the biggest needs if we want to win. Tannehill wouldn’t be the game 1 starter anyways, and if we don’t have Mike Sherman as our OC then this Tannehill talk wouldn’t even exist. I think we should take Foles, Weeden, or Cousins later in the draft

    • Jesse Bartolis

      regardless of what you think or don’t think indications from Dolphins people I know is that they really like Tannehill. He could be the next Dolphins QB

  • drumzan

    If you think JI is an idiot for signing Garrard then I question your football knowledge.  There’s a reason only two teams interviewed Flynn…he was more media hype than football skills.  Garrard was signed to push Moore to be a better starter and he WANTS to play for Miami.  He was a pro bowl QB in 2010.  Had a very respectable career with the Jags given he had basically zero receivers to work with and a terrible O-line..  He knows the WCO quite well, feels more comfortable in a WCO than other offenses.  I think the Phins got a steal, possibly the best backup in the NFL. Ask any of the Coaches/GM’s in the AFC South…Garrard is a very solid QB.  And if you also noticed, it’s a 1 year contract he signed.  So if things don’t work out, it’s only 3-4 million the Dolphins lose out on.  Lets put this in perspective.  You think Broncos are in good shape?  They have a 37 year old QB making $20M /yr coming off 4 neck surgeries, has lost arm strength and their backup is CALEB HANIE.  It’s the media that’s jading Phin Phans into Debbie Downers.  JI is one of the best talent evaluators and GM’s in the NFL.  Marshall is a lockerroom cancer and doesn’t fit the WCO.  Do you think any other team could’ve signed Solilai for $6M?  That was an incredible negotation on JI’s part.  Think big picture man…they’re building the team properly through the draft, not being stupid with big ticket FA’s.  JI is fixing all of Parcells’ messes.  His first draft without Parcells was very successful last year.  I can see the Phins going to the SB in a few years.  I’m not kidding.  That’s how good Ireland is at finding value in players and Philbin’s system will show big improvements in the offense.  Coyle will do wonders in improving the secondary.  Phins up! @phinsTOGO  @drumzan 

  • TommyMuir

    We won’t draft Tannehill. We won’t draft a QB in the 2nd round for obvious reasons (Beck, Henne, White, list goes on) Hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t draft a QB at all this draft.1. Trade back and get Nick Perry or Courtney Upshaw2. Dwayne Allen
    3. Zebrie Sanders and Tommy Streeter4. FS5. Case Keenum6. OT7. FS or CB