Justin Blackmon Scouting Report


#20 WR, Justin Blackmon (6’1 207 lbs.) – Oklahoma State Cowboys

Separation Skills/Route Running: Is not the blazer that AJ. Green or Torrey Smith is, but has enough explosion and suddenness to push defenders up field and create space in and out of his breaks. Does a nice job of using his body to shield defenders when enough space has not been created. Off the line he is a dual threat. He possesses lateral quickness to beat press coverage, and also possesses the upper body strength to completely bully defenders who attempt to jam him. Is an intelligent receiver who knows how to setup defenders with deaks and head fakes. At the next level, he will need to learn how to run a complete route tree. Not seen very often running slants, digs, and comebacks.

Ball Skills: Blackmon may be the number one receiver in the nation at tracking the ball, and high pointing it. Not only can he leap with the best of them, but he has exceptional body control, twisting and contorting to poorly thrown balls. Displays strong hands. More than not, bringing in the difficult cataches, and almost always catching the easy ones. Is a pure hands catcher. Snatches the ball out of the air and immediately secures it.

Big play ability: This is where Blackmon really excels. In 2010 he averaged 16.1 yards on 111 catches. That means he is making a bevy of plays down field. Week in and week out, Blackmon is catching multiple deep balls. He also has the ability to take a bubble screen or drag the distance. Has a tremendous feel for running after the catch. Possesses a mean stiff arm (see picture above), and has enough top end speed to run away from defenders. Has some elusiveness to his game and fights for every yard.

Competitiveness/ Toughness: Highly competitive individual. Fights for every ball thrown his way. Breaks up potential interceptions. Is not afraid to go across the middle. Is aggressive in all aspects of his game. Tremendous blocker, who can put players on their backside. Sustains edge blocks that allow running backs to gain extra yardage.

Intangibles: Was arrested and charged in 2010 for under age drinking and DUI. Was suspended for one game due to this. Has a knack for getting in players faces and show boating after big plays. Is a hard worker and leader on the team. Coaches and teammates speak highly of him. Won the 2010 Belitnikoff Award.

Overall Stock: There is no denying Justin Blackmon’s talent and upside, but only being a red shirt sophomore, will he enter the draft? I think it would be best for him to strike the iron while it is hot. He has out performed the top two receivers in the draft, and will have a case for being drafted ahead of Julio jones. There are a lot of receiver hungry teams, and after seeing the impact that former teammate Dez Bryant had for the Cowboys, teams will not pass on him. 

NFL Comparison: Anquan Boldin and Dez Bryant