Andrew Luck Scouting Report


QB, Andrew Luck (6’4 235 lbs.) – Stanford Cardinal

Toughness/Leadership: Exhibits above average physical and mental toughness. Maintains focus when faced with adversity. Has a determination about his play. Is tough to bring down. Usually takes more than one guy to do so. Hasn’t fallen victim to and significant injuries. On occasion will lower the boom on defenders. Commanding leader on the field. Not a rah rah get in your face vocal leader. Choices to lead by his play on the field. Demeanor exudes confidence.

Intelligence/Decision Making: Makes sound decisions, even with pressure in his face. Makes going through progressions look effortless. Does a great job at looking off safeties and linebackers. Is not afraid to check it down to running backs and tight ends. Knows when to take off and run. Does not put his team in poor situations with mistakes and turnovers very often. Very intelligent player. Reads defenses well. Has the ability to make checks and audibles at the line. Studies a ton of tape.

Accuracy: Very accurate passer. Leads receivers well, and hits them in stride. Has the ability to throw accurately while on the move. Not many balls miss the receivers numbers, let alone hit the ground.

Release/Arm Strength: Has a standard over the top release point. Can switch up release points when throwing while on the move. Good arm strength, not great. Still has enough to fit the ball in tight spaces. Capable of completing the deep dig and sideline comeback. Arm has more than enough zip for the NFL.

Pocket Mobility/Mobility: Wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but is very mobile. Moves very well in the pocket. Avoids would be tacklers with slight side steps. Keeps his eyes down field while moving within the pocket. Has the ability to improvise while on the move. Uses his legs to extend plays. Can take off and run with the football at any time. Capable of picking up huge chunks of yardage and running over defenders in his way. Ran for 438 yards with an average of 8.6 yards per carry.

Intangibles: Two time First Team AP All-American. Runner up for the 2010 Heisman Trophy award. Diligent worker who is all business on and off the field. Natural leader who teammates follow.

Overall Stock: There’s no denying that if Andrew Luck comes out, he is the number on pick in the draft. When watching Luck play, all you see is NFL quarterback. He has all the right tools and sound mechanics to immediately lead an NFL offense. If he does come out, the team that selects him, should count their lucky stars because they will have a franchise quarterback on their hands.

NFL Comparison: Matt Ryan and Rich Gannon