Unlikely Players Going Back To School


Call me crazy but I didn’t think there was anyway that Andrew Luck, Travis Lewis, and Ryan Broyles would go back to school. I mean, all three have received great grades in regards to the draft. Andrew Luck would have been the sure fire number one pick. I guess it goes to show you that education is more important to some people. Still, you have to wonder what’s going through these players minds. In all likeliness, there will be a rookie salary cap in the 2012 NFL Draft. Millions of dollars will be lost. Also, there’s always the possibility of not playing to expectations or getting injured. Look at Matt Leinart. He won the Heisman and National Championship in 2004. He didn’t strike the iron while it was hot, went back to school the following year, and lost millions of dollars in the following draft. He went from being considered the first overall pick, to being picked 10th overall. All is not bad though. Getting your education is great. It shows kids that there is more to life than football and money. When there is no more football, what do you have left? Your education. Kudos to Andrew Luck, Travis Lewis, and Ryan Broyles on their decision. Hopefully all works out well.