Rodney Hudson Scouting Report


#42 OC, Rodney Hudson (6’2 277 lbs.) – Florida State Seminoles

Pass Protection: Plays with good leverage. Sinks his hips and holds his point when bull rushed. Above average mirroring and sliding techniques. Has quick feet. Does not allow them to get stuck in the mud. Has tremendous balance and athleticism. Needs to get stronger and develop a better punch.

Run Blocking: Above average run blocker. Uses his legs well to drive back defenders. Likes to finish off blocks, and doesn’t stop until the whistle is blown. Has the athleticism and size to pull effectively. Knows how to play the game with leverage, and shows great technique with his hand placement. Very quick.

Awareness: Knows his assignments and keys. Communicates with teammates well. One of the best at picking up stunts. Knows how to pass off rushers. Head is always on a swivel, and that allows him to pick up delated blitzers.

Toughness: Very tough individual. Always looks to finish off every block. Does extremely well against players bigger than he is.

Intangibles: Team Captain and the leader of the offensive line. Coaches and teammates speak highly of him. Seems to be a great person.

Overall Stock: Some may say that Hudson is too small to play in the NFL. I think other wise. He has a ton of experience at multiple positions (center/guard), and is technically sound. He still has room on his frame to add more pounds. He fits perfectly in a zone running scheme, and is one of the top center prospects in the draft.  If he can continue to add on good weight, and show good size at the combine, I see no reason why he won’t be off the board in round two. 

NFL Comparison: Casey Weigmann