Anthony Castonzo Scouting Report


Measureables: Height: 6’7”  | Weight: 305 lbs.  | Position: Left Tackle

Pass Protection: Extremely tall and lean. Has 35 inch arms and 10 inch hands. Possesses good athleticism. Isn’t overly thick in the lower body. Will need to gain some extra girth there at the next level. Does a good job of extending his arms, locking out his elbows, keeping pass rushers off of his frame, and pushing them behind the quarterback. Has a tendency to drop his head upon contact, which leaves him susceptible to the swim move and push pull move. Has a good kick-slide, but it can be approved upon. Can sit down and anchor at the point of attack. Can also reset himself and anchor after initially being overwhelmed. Does a good job at handling both speed and power rushers. Foot work is not technically sound, but it is improving.

Run Blocking: More of a finesse offensive tackle than a power one. Will not overwhelm defenders with strength. Doesn’t show the ability to be able to drive defenders and eliminate them from the play. Is more about working his technique to create advantages for himself. Can swing his hips around and open up holes on the interior of the line and seal off the perimeter for outside runs. Keeps his hands inside and plays with good leverage and balance. Has the athleticism to reach the second level and get a body on defenders.

Awareness: Above average awareness. Knows who to attack when asked to make a block out in space. Needs to improve on keeping his head up, to recognize blitzes, stunts, and twists.

Toughness: Not the mauler type. Doesn’t posses a mean streak. Isn’t the strongest kid, but does a good job of working his technique and hanging in there against brawnier players.

Intangibles: Very solid character. Decided to major in Bio Chemistry instead of majoring in something easy to get by in college. Plans on doing cancer research once his NFL career is over. Plays with passion and heart. 2010 AP All-American Third Team.

Overall Stock: Right now, it’s a toss up as to who is the best offensive tackle in the 2011 NFL Draft. Each one of the top five guys has a claim for that title. Anthony Castonzo is an athletic guy that can come right into the NFL and start from day one. Im not certain it will be on the left side, but he can surely play the right side. He has all the tools to be a solid offensive tackle for 10 plus years. However, he does have some things to work on, such as footwork and head placement. His body also needs to do so more maturing. There is room for growth, and he’ll need at least 10 more pounds to be effective at the next level. Expect Castaozo to come off the board in round one. Only time will tell how high or low he goes. It all depends on his combine and offseason interviews. 

NFL Comparison: Charles Brown