Competitiveness: Extremely physical running back almost to ..."/> Competitiveness: Extremely physical running back almost to ..."/>

Demarco Murray Scouting Report


Competitiveness: Extremely physical running back almost to a fault because he has most definitely put his body through some punishment at Oklahoma. With a bruising running style similar to his predecessor Adrian Peterson, Murray does not shy away from contact, and finishes runs moving piles and falling forward.

Vision/Patience: Vision and Patience is average at best. Murray sometimes shows flashes of patience letting his blocks development and then exploiting them, but very inconsistent. Has the tendency to hit the first hole he sees, and not wait for cutback lanes, or other holes to develop.

Agility/Acceleration: Acceleration is average as well, but when healthy Murray did show he could flash some speed for a bigger back. He is a more a one cut down field runner, but does possess a lot of agility running and catching the ball out the backfield. Showed that when he reached the second level he the acceleration to hit the home run.

Power/Balance: Murray does have power in his 6’1 217 pound frame, but he loses some of this with a high running style. Must work on keeping his pad level lower especially entering the league to take on much bigger and faster opponents.  Displays a good amount of balance takings hits from defensive players, or tight roping the sideline for extra yardage.

Passing Game: Probably Murrays strongest asset entering the NFL is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Not only great at selling the screen, but can catch the ball in a variety of different ways short to long. With a lot of teams having their running backs close to the top of the list of passes caught Murray increases his stock being a good pass catching running back.

Intangibles: Extremely hard working on and off the field, a true gym rat indeed. Has had some injuries though out his time at Oklahoma, but rehabbed well got back on the field.

Overall Stock: Because of his durability and lack of breakaway speed Murray has hurt his draft stock over the past two years. If he can stay healthy Murray is a very versatile player that could be a nice addition to a team as a third down pass catching RB.