Gabe Carimi Scouting Report


Pass Protection: Excels against power rushers. Possesses a forceful initial punch that shocks defensive linemen. Knows how to take a seat and anchor, even after being overwhelmed initially. Does a good job of not allowing inside moves to disrupt the pocket. Against speed rushers, he doesn’t fare as well. Has a difficult time getting his hands on them. Tends to come out of his stance high and play with a high pad level, which allows quicker defensive linemen to get underneath his pads. Will sometimes over extend when rushers are attempting to run the boot. Is limited due to stiffness in the waist and knees. Needs to bend and play with leverage consistently. However, he is strong enough that, if he gets his hands on a speed rusher, he nullifies them. Does a nice job of pushing them behind the pocket, allowing the quarterback to step up.

Run Blocking: Excellent in the power running game. Is a mauler with an attitude. Uses his large frame to engulf defenders. Will rarely lose the strength match-up. Does an excellent job at driving defenders off the line and finishing his blocks. Usually is the last linemen on the field to let go of a defender. Isn’t overly athletic. Can hold his own in space, but will struggle occasionally. Is more of a straight forward blocker. Shows the ability to swing his hips and seal the edge or lane. Plays with good leverage in the run game. Consistently gets underneath the pads of his man. Shows a little bit better bend in the run game as oppose to the passing game.

Awareness: Communicates with his fellow linemen and quarterback well. Recognizes and picks up on blitzers, stunts, and twists. Shows the ability to pass on blockers and execute a double team. Stays calm throughout the play, and has an uncanny ability to adjust on the fly.

Toughness: One of the meanest and nastiest blockers in the nation. Gets satisfaction out of pile driving defenders into the ground. Works hard to sustain blocks, and always finishes them.

Intangibles: Multi-year All-Academic Big 10 Team. 2010 Outland Trophy Award Winner. 2010 Big Ten Offensive Linemen of the year. Team captain. Well liked by his teammates and coaches. Works extremely hard, no matter what.

Overall Stock: Gabe Carimi is in the running for best offensive tackle in the draft. What he offers teams that the other prospects don’t is his attitude and aggressiveness in the run game. I have no doubt about Carimi coming into the NFL and instantly improving some teams running game. The passing game is where I am weary. In the NFL, the edge rushers get bigger, faster, and quicker. Having trouble with speed rushers at the college level doesn’t bold well for Carimi. This is why I view him as a right tackle at the beginning of his career. If he can improve upon his stiffness and leverage, he can transition back to the left side. For teams looking for an athletic offensive tackle that can move in space, Carimi won’t be as appealing. He best suits a powering scheme. Carimi can slide inside and play either guard position. His skill set will allow him to excel in a confide space. Over the course of the next 3 months, Carimi will be dukeing it out for the title of “best offensive tackle in the draft”. No matter where he is selected, I believe Carimi can help an NFL team right now.

NFL Comparison: Jon Runyan