Weekly Twitter Q&A (2/07/11)


Greetings everyone. We are starting a new feature called, “Twitter Q n’ A”. This is where we open it up on Twitter and allow Draft junkies to toss questions at us. Due to the 140 character limit on Twitter, we aren’t able to answer the questions in-depth. Here is where we’ll delve in a little deeper, and get to the nitty gritty of those questions. So, what did Twitter ask WTFP this week?

@Joe Goodberry: Who are your top five Guards in the Draft?
WTFP: Mike Pouncey, Stephen Weisknewski, John Moffitt, Danny Watkins, and Rodney Hudson. Really like these guys because of their versatility. For the most part, all of these guys can come in and play any of the three positions on the interior. Moffitt and Watkins are gonna make some power run teams very happy. Both are nasty guys who get after it. I’m a huge fan of Mike Pouncey, he is the new breed of Guards, Big, tall, athletic, and strong.

@Tre9er: DrafTek’s engine has Rahim Moore still around in the 4th round. Thoughts?
WTFP: Whew I don’t know about that. The kids a play-maker. You don’t get 9 interceptions in a season and last until the 4th round. With teams like the Texans, Broncos, and Cowboys in desperate need of a play-making safety, I don’t see Moore lasting past the second round, at the very least the third round. His 2010 numbers don’t compare to his 2009 numbers, but that is the result of quarterbacks staying away from him and the lack of execution of his teammates.

@Th3Claude: Who do you really think the Chiefs are going to take at 21 overall?
WTFP: That’s a hard question. For the longest time I’ve felt like Derek Sherrod will be the pick, but I just have a hard time mocking him to KC because of the lack of sexiness. Sherrod is an athletic tackle that would excel in the Chiefs zone blocking scheme. In my heart, I want the Chiefs to take Aldon Smith or Phil Taylor. I’m a firm believer that defense wins championships, and KC could use major upgrades at two key positions, NT and SOLB.

@kdcogar: People are awfully high on Nate Solder and Anthony Castonzo. After watching film, they both look average at best. Your thoughts?
WTFP: Agreed. Both struggled some at the Senior Bowl and I’m not as high on them as others. I’m a bigger fan of Derek Sherrod, Gabe Carimi, and Tyron Smith. Both Solder and Castonzo are very tall and have thin frames. I definitely think both will excel at the next level, but both need to add to their frame and work on their technique against speed rushers. They’ll need some time to further develop.

@aleitel: Is Von Miller really a top 10?
WTFP: With his pass rushing ability and versatility, yes. I actually have him going third to Buffalo in my latest mock draft. Pass rushers like Miller don’t come around often. The good thing about Miller is that he can get after the quarterback, but he can also drop in coverage and cover slot receivers, running backs, and tight ends. I think his stock will continue to climb, similar to Aaron Curry in 2009.

@Striha: You’re Seattle and a number of guys you like/need (QB, Oline, Dline, CB) are available. Who do you take?
WTFP: Depends on what quaterback is there. If Locker or Gabbert is there, I’d go with one of those guys. If not, then I really like a corner back at 25. Everyone knows about Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara, but there are some talent guys rated right below them. Jimmy Smith is a guy that has an NFL ready body. His size resembles Nnamdi Asomugha’s. He’s excellent in press-man and would push any corner back currently on Seattle’s roster.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this weeks Q n’ A! Keep a look out for us on Twitter because we’ll be taking questions often.