Jake Locker Scouting Report


Toughness/Leadership: Locker displayed true leadership and mental toughness throughout his years at Washington. Played in a run heavy offense with minimal weapons at his disposal. The best plays usually came via Lockers legs. Played all four years, showing his commitment to the University, even after being drafted twice to the MLB’s. Also was proclaimed to be the number one prospect in the 2010 draft, but decided to return to Washington for his senior year. Locker is a fierce competitor that has a fire to him. Consistently seen rallying his guys and getting them pumped up. Teammates and coaches truly respect him. Shows no quarries about staying in the pocket, even when faced with heavy pressure. Can take a hit, as well as deliver one. Displays excellent mental and physical toughness.

Intelligence/Decision Making: Decision-making as far as passing can be questionable at times, especially when looking to go down field. Did make a lot of progress in his junior and senior year with checking the ball down. He will force the occasional throw. Makes snappy decisions when the pocket is collapsing. Takes off and runs without hesitation.

Accuracy: Is hit and miss in this area. At times,  he’s pin point accurate and at other times he’s awful. Shows good touch and timing on comebacks, curls, checks down, and screens. Needs to improve accuracy and touch on his deep ball. Needs to become more consistent in this area in order to succeed at the next level.

Release/Arm Strength: This is where Locker receives excellent marks. He has a quick release and plenty of arm strength to make all the necessary throws at the next level. Carries the ball high and does not expose it to outside rushers. Technique is spot on.

Pocket Mobility: Being a top tier athlete in both baseball and football, Locker has great athleticism in and out of the pocket. He has the ability to sidestep defenders, break tackles, and extend plays with his legs.

Intangibles: Drafted into the MLB’s twice. Scored a 22 on a preseason Wonderlic test. No off the field issues. Well liked and respected by the community, teammates and coaches.

Overall Stock: Locker suffered through a painful 2010 season at Washington. With a lack of talent, both at receiver and offensive line, he found himself either being the lone play-maker, or running for his life. There were many games where Washington’s offensive line crumbled immediately after the snap, not giving Locker enough time to go through progressions and get the ball out. Scouts will look at Locker’s 08’ and 09’ tape to get a true understanding of his skills. During Locker’s Bowl game, a lack of play-makers and poor offensive line play reared its ugly head. Locker remained poised, and led the Huskies to a victory with his legs. It was a great representation of Locker’s leadership and competitiveness. Locker will need to greatly improve on his accuracy. Accuracy is the number one factor that scouts and coaches look for in a quarterback. He must hone in on his skills and become consistent with placing the ball in a catch-able place. With the news of Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck staying in school, Locker now becomes a top commodity in the draft. I fully expect him to come off the board within the first 20 picks. With a good showing at the NFL Combine and Washington’s Pro Day, Locker could easily move into the top 7-10 picks. Keep an eye on the San Francisco 49ers. They just signed Stanford Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh. He’s seen Locker quite a few times in the Pac-10.

NFL comparisons: John Elway, Ben Rothlesberger, and Jay Cutler