DJK Receives Probation, Majority of Charges Dropped


Two months ago Iowa Receiver, Derrell Johnson-Koulianos and teammate Brady Cooper Johnson were arrested on multiple drug charges. Johnson-Koulianos in particular was charged with four counts of possession of controlled substances, two counts of unlawful possession of prescription drugs and one count of keeping a drug house. obtained documents stating that Johnson-Koulianos has had all but one of the charges dropped, a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana, and received a year of un-supervised probation. This is good news for the Johnson-Koulianos camp. With multiple charges hanging over his head at the most important time of his life, he was sure to receive little to no interest. Now that he is only relegated to probation, he can enter the offseason events with his head held somewhat high. He’ll need to answer a bevy of questions about his former circumstsnces, but if he can instill confidence in coaches and scouts, he has a chance to get drafted.