Media Comes Away Impressed with Newton After Workout


It seems that everyone not only enjoyed the San Diego sun rays, but they also enjoyed Cam Newton’s workout. Reports from multiple networks and media outlets have been raving about his arm strength, smoothness, accuracy, and timing. After the workout, Newton took the time to answer questions from the media. He also did well in this area, answering questions quickly and eloquently without divulging too much information. He showed off his charisma with an infectious smile and his sparkling sense of humor.

I would remain cautious of workouts like these. Many quarterbacks look terrific against air. It’s one thing to throw to a designated area on the field with no defenders in sight, and it’s another to read the free safety, move him with your eyes and stick a 7-route with pressure in your face. I like the tools that Newton has. I think he can develop into a successful quarterback in the NFL. I’m just not willing to become ecstatic about his well orchestrated workout.

Below are lengthy clips of Newton’s workout, post workout interview, and reactions from ESPN analyst, Trent Dilfer. Check them out, and let us know how you feel Newton did.