Weekly Twitter Q&A (02/15/11)


This week, we fielded a lot of questions about players in the secondary. The NFL has become a passing league, and the fans know this. They are looking for their teams to come away from the 2011 Draft with players to combat this new phenomenon. Here’s this weeks Twitter Q&A. Enjoy!

@Brad1ey: Think Tyron Smith can crack the top 10?
WTFP: I think he can. I don’t know why people are over looking this guy. He has the skills to be really good. Tyron Smith is the new breed of Offensive Tackles. His physique is on par with Defensive Ends, and his athletic ability on par with Tight Ends. He may be the only blue chip Offensive Tackle in this years draft. I think after the Combine and USC Pro Day, he’ll begin to shoot up draft boards.

@JoeGoodberry Who are your top 5 safety prospects?
WTFP: I’m a big fan of Rahim Moore and Tyler Sash, two guys that can make game changing plays. I also like Quinton Carter, Ahmad Black, and DeAndre McDaniel. Those are my top 5. Not many people are as high on Tyler Sash as I am. I love his ball skills and instincts.

@Brad1ey: Still think my Skins are gonna draft Locker? Some inside Skins people were saying OLB/DE are strong possibilities.
WTFP: I do. I cant imagine them going into the 2011 season with Rex Grossman. But, I could see them also going with a 5-tech DE. That is a big position of need, and there are some fine 5-techniques in this years draft. I remember reports of Shanahan being enamored with Jake Locker last year. I see it as a good fit. Locker has the arm strength, size, and mobility that Shanahan likes.

@Tre9er: How much separation is there between Miller/Quinn and everyone else at pass rushing OLB prospect?
WTFP: I think Miller/Quinn are in a class of their own. There aren’t many guys who possess the explosiveness that they do. There are guys like Justin Houston, Ryan Kerrigan, and Adrian Clayborn, but they are second tier guys, and fail in comparison to Von Miller and Robert Quinn.

@Tre9er: Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris, in terms of how good cover-CB they are/will be?
WTFP: Good question. It all depends on the scheme, but I like Brandon Harris a lot. His competitiveness is whats striking to me. He competes for everything thrown his way. There’s something to say about a guy who sticks his nose in a play, and throws his body in with reckless abandon. Jimmy Smith will be a good one, but I worry about him if a zone team drafts him.

@ABXXV25: You think Sash will be an immediate impact/starter? Rounds 1 and 2 are for impact players that can bring about results 1st yr.
WTFP: I think he can be an immediate 2nd rd impact player. It all depends on the team he goes to. If he goes to a team that has a strong front 7, he can make an immediate impact.

@GilAlcarazIV: Who’s your first rated QB?
WTFP: By default Baline Gabbert. There are a lot of QB’s, but im not high on them at all. Love Cam Newton’s ability, but he’ll need time to develop. I do like Dalton as a 3rd rounder. It’s something to be said about a player who is a proven winner and leader.

@Tre9er: Give me some NFL receivers that will beat Prince in coverage and some he will handle. Is Prince Nate Clements with more upside?
WTFP: I think fast receivers will give him Prince Amuakamra problems at first, If he doesn’t get his hands on them. Players like D. Jackson, Johnny Knox, Mike Wallace. The speed of the NFL is always a big adjustment for college players. He’ll fare better against bigger, not as fast receivers, like Dwayne Bowe, Mike Williams, and Brandon Marshall. Prince knows how to get his head around, and disrupt the timing of receivers routes. Nate Clements is solid in run support and thats it, in my opinion. Not a big fan of Clements. Far too often he bites on double moves and pump fakes. Prince is more technically sound than that.

That about wraps it up. Thank you to everyone who participated in this weeks Q’n’A! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and participate next week. All NFL Draft questions are welcomed! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and participate in our next Q&A.