If Eagles Acquire 5th Pick, Who Do They Target?


Rumors about the Arizona Cardinals trading the 5th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, to the Philadelphia Eagles for, Kevin Kolb have spread like California Santa Anna wild fires. It has grown so large that even ESPN analyst, John Clayton suggest it could happen. If this rumor has any truth to it, it is a long ways away from being executed. Nonetheless, lets get a jump-start and explore whom the Eagles would target at pick 5.

Texas A&M OLB, Von Miller

  • I think Von Miller would be their number one target if they acquire the 5th pick. The Eagles need help at the linebacker position, and Miller is the number one rater outside linebacker in the draft. Their defensive philosophy plays to his strengths. They love to blitz, and Miller loves to rush the passer. Miller would pair nicely with Trent Cole and Brandon Graham to make the Eagles defense versatile and dangerous.

Auburn DT, Nick Fairely

  • Nick Fairely may not be there at 5, but it’s possible. Remember, draft analyst said Glenn Dorsey wouldn’t be there at 5, and he was. Fairely would add a physical force to the middle of the Eagles defense.They could use his run stuffing ability and his pass rushing ability. He would open things up for the rest of the Eagles linemen, because he’ll require a ton of attention.

LSU CB, Patrick Peterson

  • The Eagles use to possess a solid secondary. Now, it’s an area of weakness. They could use someone opposite of Asante Samuel. Patrick Peterson isn’t the typical Eagles cornerback. They typically like smaller, faster guys, but it would be extremely hard to pass him up if he’s there at 5. He’s a player maker and could come in and lock down the right cornerback position.