NFL Draft: Morning Delight


Slow morning in regards to draft news, but I managed to make some interesting finds. The most interesting being the tidbits from NFP’s, Wes Bunting. He has many connections, so a lot of of his information comes directly from the mouths of NFL scouts. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

– NFP, Wes Bunting draft rumors, buzz, and notes:

"One guy a lot of scouts have identified to me as the prospect who is most likely to get over drafted is Boise State wide out Titus Young. Saying he could go as early as late one.Speaking of vertical threats there is no real consensus on Maryland WR Torrey Smith.Everyone loves his speed, but there are a lot of doubts about him developing into a polished NFL starter.Baylor DT Phil Taylor is the one prospect I’m hearing could be the guy who gets drafted a lot higher than most assume. With his combination or size and athleticism paired with the need/lack of 3-4 nose tackles in this year’s draft, hearing it’s possible a team could end up reaching for him in the top-15."

Optimum Scouting: Why Has Everyone Forgotten About Greg Little?

"Before the black cloud of NCAA sanctions, suspensions and dismissals fell over the North Carolina football team, Greg Little was regarded as an influential piece of their championship hopeful team. Although they hung their hat on defense, Little had been a force at wide receiver. He displayed soft hands, punishing blocking ability and unparalleled run after the catch skills while posting 727 yards and five TDs in his junior campaign."

PFT – John Fox: Broncos are committed to the 4-3 defense:

"“We’re going to be a multiple-front defense, but I think we’ll make the commitment to the 4-3,” Fox told the Denver Post. “The transition from the 3-4 to 4-3 is much easier than going from the 4-3 to 3-4, I will say that. So we feel pretty confident about that switch.”"

49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh on KNBR in regards to Alex Smith:

"“Alex Smith needs a fresh start or a new place to be, I say let that place be here.”" – NFLPA says it won’t stage combine boycott:

"“Players will be at the combine,” NFLPA spokesman George Atallah wrote in a tweet on @NFLLockout. “Young men have an opportunity of a lifetime. They are not locked out … yet.”"