NFL Combine: To Throw or Not to Throw, That is the Question


In a few days, the NFL Scouting Combine will be upon us, and we will be able to bask in its glory. The talk of the town will obviously be the quarterbacks. They are the guys who always receive the most attention and scrutiny. This year, there seems to be an abundance of them. I’ve counted eight, that have a chance to be selected in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. Typically, around this time, we start to hear who will be throwing, and who will not be throwing at the Combine. This year is no different, and we finally know who those players are.

Missouri QB, Blaine Gabbert seems to be our main culprit this year. He will participate in the Combine, but will forgo the passing drills. This decision bothers me some, but I can’t blame him. On many analysts draft boards, he’s the highest rated quarterback. I’m sure his agent advised him to continue to work on his mechanics, and show his stuff at the Missouri Pro-Day.

Not surprisingly, Florida State QB, Christian Ponder will not throw either. He suffered some shoulder and elbow injuries in the past two seasons, so I’m assuming that he wants to make sure that he is at full strength before throwing in front of NFL scouts and coaches. This is a good move for him. You have to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed, and that’s exactly what Ponder is doing.

There had been speculation that Auburn QB, Cam Newton did not intend on throwing at the Combine, but yesterday he laid that to rest. He will fully partake in every drill and test given. This is excellent news. He’s one of the guys many want to get a look at. He received some negative shine for holding a media only workout earlier this month, and this news defuses some of that.

Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Colin Kaepernick, Andy Dalton, and Ricky Stanzi all seem to be ready to fully undergo each and every drill at the Combine.  I am glad they have embraced the competition and challenge aspect of the offseason events.