Mayock Says’ (NFL Combine Ed. 1.0)


It’s a special week for NFL Draft Niks. The Scouting Combine is here, and the offseason “officially” begins. NFL Network will have live coverage throughout the duration of the event, and guess who one of the analyst is? Yes, the guru himself, Mike Mayock. It is times like this that excite me most. I will come away from this week a smarter guy (in terms of football), and a lot of that is because of Mayock. The other good thing about this week is, Mayock is going to provide us with a good amount of Mayock Says’ quotes. After just one day, hes already dropped some good stuff!

Note: Quotes are paraphrased because of length

. . .

Talking to Washington QB, Jake Locker on the field of Lucas Oil Stadium:

"Mike Mayock Says’: You make a couple throws that take my break away. You have an awful lot of talent. Your footwork sometimes with you, you become a narrow based guy and switch to a wide base guy and that has effected your accuracy.When you roll and eyes are down field, some of your best accuracy I saw on tape was when your rolling out. Clear vision and pocket, u put it on people. To me the whole thing now is getting the steps right in the pocket and having that pocket awareness and having the ability to slide and locate and throw it with eyes down the field."

In regards to who has a lot to prove at the NFL Scouting Combine:

"Mike Mayock Says’: The North Carolina players. There were three players who were highly rated in the preseason and didn’t play at all. I think Robert Quinn is going to blow up this combine, he could be the 1st overall pick. Marvin Austin, the defensive tackle was a late 1st to mid 2nd in the preseason, then Greg Little the wide receiver, he’s a 220 pound kid, with probably a 2nd round preseason grade. It’s a shame because he was just starting to develop into a receiver, very raw kid."

In regards to the risk with picking a Quarterback in the first round:

"Mike Mayock Says’: The way I look at this thing, the franchise quarterback trumps everything, and if you believe a guys  a franchise quarterback, you have to draft him. If you have any questions at all, you don’t. Teams are doing a better job of evaluating kids in the first round of this draft, especially like i said, football IQ and work ethic."

During Film Study of Missouri QB, Blaine Gabbert:

"Mike Mayock Says’: The thing I like about a young quarterback is that if he keeps his eyes down the field, looking to make a play. He keeps his eyes down the field, sucks the safety up, the reward, a big touchdown. This is a young an who understands the concept of manipulating coverage, this is a young man who’s got a big arm, my only concern is the footwork, he’s coming out a spread offense in Missouri. I would say 75% of his throws are catch, rock, and throw. He’s a 3-step, 3-step with a hitch. You never see a 5-step or 7-step drop."

In regards to some of the Offensive Tackle talent in the draft:

"Mike Mayock Says’:Anthony Castonzo – Hes a prototype Left Tackle. 6’7′ 311 pounds, long arms. He’s a starting Left Tackle for the next 10 years.Gabe Carimi – Technician. Was a Left Tackle at Wisconsin. In a pinch  he can play there in the NFL, but i think you plug him in at Right Tackle and he starts for 10 years. He’s got a mean streak.Ben Ijalana – 36″ inch arms, he’s got Left Tackle feet, he’s got Left Tackle arms hes a technician, well coached. Even though he had a double hernia, don’t be surprised to see him go in the 2nd round."

In regards to the best value at Offensive Tackle:

"Mike Mayock Says’: 27 year old kid, he’s only played football for four years, some how made his way to Baylor. Danny Watkins to me played Left Tackle, I think he’s gonna kick inside at the next level, so he’s going to be a great value inside. Here’s a kid that competed really well at Left Tackle. He’s 6’3″ 310 pounds, he’s got a little nasty to him, which i really like a lot. I think he can play all three interior line positions, plus in a pinch, he can play Right Tackle."