NFL Combine: Cowboys Interest In Cam Newton a Smoke Screen?


Once the NFL Scouting Combine started, big news broke that the Dallas Cowboys were extremely interested in Auburn QB, Cam Newton. The first thing that popped in my mind was, “What about Tony Romo?”. The second question that emerged was, “Is this a pre-draft smoke screen?”. I think so.

Tony Romo may only have one playoff win in his career, but he is an all-pro quarterback nonetheless. I can’t foresee the Cowboys taking at quarterback at 9th overall. I think this is a matter of them trying to pump up Newton’s value, and get a team to trade up for his services.

The Cowboys may be interested in a particular player, thus wanting to improve the chances of that player being on the board when they pick. They have far too many needs in the secondary, defensive line, and offensive line to spend a pick on a player who will not play immediately.