Mike Mayock Says’ (3/28/11)


As the NFL Draft inches closer and closer, we’ll be hearing analysis from various “Draft Gurus” more and more. Everyone has their favorite guys that they listen to and obviously mines is Mike Mayock of the NFL Network (hence the picture above). Recently, he another NFL Live Chat on NFL.com. Fans asked a multitude of questions, and Mayock answered them eloquently character and concisely. Lets take a look at some of the things “Mike Mayock Says”:

In regards to the battle between Nick Fairley and Marcel Dareus:

"Mike Mayock Says: Fairley is a one-year wonder with some very average 2009 tape. Dareus had a dominant 2009 and played through injury to have a good 2010. They both have had impressive combines and pro days. I think Fairley has the higher has the higher ceiling but Dareus has the higher floor. If I’m Denver, I’m going to plug Dareus into your front and know that I have a dominant player for years."

In regards to what the Buffalo Bills do at the #2 spot. Gabbert or Newton?:

"Mike Mayock Says: If Gabbert was available at 3 I would jump all over him. But I think Chan and Buddy have a healthy respect for Newton as well. If they pass on the QB, look for Von Miller or Patrick Peterson to be the pick."

In regards to whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs should replace Vrabel or Edwards with the 21st pick:

"Mike Mayock Says: Phil Taylor is an intriguing nose tackle. He’s 338 pounds with rare movement skills. If you buy into the kid from a character perspective, Phil Taylor could make a huge difference in their defense. Ryan Kerrigan would be a conversion DE which carries its own risk."

In regards to who the “Flying under the radar running back” is in this years draft:

"Mike Mayock Says: Eastern Washington has its pro day on April 1 and Taiwan Jones is an under-the-radar tailback that most NFL teams can’t wait to watch next week. He’s 194 pounds and I think he’s going to run 4.35 or better. He’s a home-run hitter who can impact the return game and I think that you try to get him another 10 touches per game as a change-of-pace back."

In regards to Andy Dalton’s stock:

"Mike Mayock Says: I have been really impressed with Andy Dalton ever since I saw him throw the ball last summer at the Manning passing academy. I believe he goes in the first half of the second round. And there are a number of teams with QB needs between 1 and 16. He’s a West Coast QB with a good arm. Very good accuracy. And deceptive athletic skills. He reminds me a lot of Kevin Kolb when he came out of Houston."

In regards to Jonathan Baldwins stock:

"Mike Mayock Says: Baldwin is one of the bigger questions in this year’s draft. He has a well-earned reputation as a diva. And publicly trashed his starting QB at Pitt. From a talent perspective, he’s a physical freak. He could be the third WR off the board, or he could be the fourth or fifth WR off the board. I think he will go early in the second round. He’s very raw from a route running perspective. But will make plays in the red zone and outside the numbers because of his rare physical traits."

In regards to Christian Ponder being a first round pick:

"Mike Mayock Says: I [Ponder] stacked in a very similar position to Andy Dalton of TCU. From a talent perspective, I think they both should go in the first half of the second-round. There are so many teams with QB needs that it wouldn’t surprise me if a team with a Top 12 type of pick didn’t trade back into the first round to pick up a Dalton or a Ponder."

In regards to late round wide receiver prospects who can make an impact:

"Mike Mayock Says: [K]eep you eye on Vidal Hazelton of Cincinnati. He was a transfer from USC with big-time ability. If he can stay healthy, which has been an issue, he has the skill set to be a top notch wide receiver. Another guy I like you can get in the third or fourth round is Greg Salas. Good hands, highly productive WR. He will compete on special teams. I believe that this kid will have a heck of a career."

In regards to what the 49ers could do if Patrick Peterson is off the board:

"Mike Mayock Says: I don’t think there’s any chance that Blaine Gabbert will be on the board at No. 7. There is also a good chance that Patrick Peterson is off the board as well. So I think you are looking at Robert Quinn vs. Bowers conversation if they are still on the board, and if the 49ers value Prince Amukamara that high. I think that Robert Quinn would be an ideal fit for them at that position."