Brandon Bair Scouting Report


Versus the Run: Brandon Bair is a towering defensive player that was a man without a true position at the University of Oregon. He often played 3-technique defensive tackle, but his size hindered him from being consistent. At times he struggled to play with adequate pad level. Before the snap of the ball, he is already at a disadvantage with his length. Offensive linemen easily got into his pads and use their leverage to direct him where they please. He does have above average quickness to get by interior linemen and the athletic ability to make plays outside the hashes. Also shows the ability to make plays outside the tackle box. With his frame, he is better suited going up against offensive tackles as a 3-4 5-technique. His potential may not be realized until he gets in the right scheme.

Pass Rush Skills: Bair gets of the ball very quickly and uses a nice swim move to penetrate the backfield. Shows good burst when pursing the quarterback. However, he does a poor job of translating that speed into power. His bull rush is ineffective, especially playing against shorter stockier guys. Outside of his swim move he doesn’t have many other moves to rely on. Bair does not have a one track mind. He realizes when he has no chance to get to the quarterback and raises his long arms to disrupt passing lanes. He gets his hands on a lot of balls.

Quickness (hands/feet): At the 3-technique, quickness is his best friend. Has the hand and foot quickness to beat offensive linemen off the snap and into the backfield. Shows average lateral quickness.

Toughness/Motor: He’s slightly built for someone 6’5″, but his frame has more than enough room to add an additional 15-20 pounds. Needs to improve his overall strength, but specifically his upper body strength. Toughness and motor are not in question. He goes hard every play.

Intangibles: Much older than your average draft prospect (26-years old). He’s already married and the father of a three-year old. Owns his own used car business, interns for Brashers Northwest Auto Auction, is an active member in the Boy Scouts, and leads his churches bible study. Very clean off the field and coaches rave about his work ethic off the field, in the locker room, and on the field.

Overall Stock: With Brandon Bair’s size, he must play in the 3-4. He is made to line up opposite of offensive tackles at the 5-technique. Had he played for a team that ran 3-4 looks, his college career might have been better. As of now, Bair is a developmental player. He has the mindset and lunch pale work ethic, but he must spend a little time filling out his body and learning the intricacies of the 3-4. I think whoever gets Bair in the late rounds is getting a steal. He may wind up being a 3-down starter.

NFL Comparison: Adam Carriker

* * *