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by: Joe Goodberry Separation Skills: Vi..."/>

Vincent Brown Scouting Report


by: Joe Goodberry

Separation Skills: Vincent Brown isn’t a spectacular athlete who can beat you with his raw skills. He uses his savvy route running and burst in and out of his breaks to gain adequate separation in man coverage. His routes are smooth and accurate; showing he knows the importance of timing in the passing game. While still a little raw; at the Senior Bowl, Brown looked to be running better routes than he did during the season; he’s been working. Against zone, Brown appears to know where to sit and make himself available for the Quarterback.

Ball Skills: Brown has a huge catch radius. Even at 5’11” tall, he has the arm length (33”) of a player who is 6’3”. If the ball is close, Brown does a good job of snatching it at the last second, keeping it away from defenders while he secures the catch. Sometimes he will get lazy and let the ball get into his frame. Is inconsistent with over-the-shoulder catches. Looks to turn and face the ball before making the catch. A few concentration drops to note as well.

Big Play Ability: Gets a good release off the line and can get on top of defenders quickly. While Brown doesn’t have great speed, he is fast enough and has good enough ball skills to execute down field plays. He can also pick up extra yardage by making a guy miss in open space. Coming from a smaller conference, it’s hard to project Vincent Brown in this category. He’s a similar athlete to Colts WR Reggie Wayne. So Brown could get deep in a similar way, but a lot will depend on his team and how he grows as a player.

Competitiveness/Toughness: Some of Vincent Brown’s best attributes are his competitiveness and toughness. He is not afraid to go over the middle to make a catch. He lays his body on the line for the football. He’s an angry player who steps his game up when the level of competition rises. Brown is also a very willing blocker who seems to enjoy that portion of the game. You can see his competitiveness in everything he does, whether it be chasing down defenders after a turnover, or fighting for a jump ball.

Intangibles: Brown is a complete team player. He has been called a hard worker who will work on his craft to become the best he can be. Whatever it takes to help his team win, Brown is willing to help. A Receiver who wants to block is a rarity. Brown was the go-to guy for the Aztecs and succeeded in that role. He was productive all four seasons. Only had one injury that affected his playing time in four years.

Overall Stock: Vincent Brown was an unknown for most before the Senior Bowl. During the week of practices, I heard Brown could see the 3rd round. Since then, Brown ran a 4.7 forty at the NFL Scouting Combine. That has surely affected his stock. At San Diego State’s pro day, Brown improved his time with an expected 4.52 time. As of right now, Brown’s stock is steadily hovering around the 3rd-5th round. He’s a guy who can possibly contribute as a situation receiver early in his career. He’s one of the few mid-round receivers with the potential to be a future starter.

NFL Comparison: Reggie Wayne and Chris Chambers

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