Mike Pouncey Scouting Report


Pass Protection: Excellent athleticism for his size. Nimble on his feet and a natural knee bender. Shows above average mirroring skills. Gets out of his stance quickly and displays a solid first punch. Is susceptible to the bull rush, but is very good at sinking his hips, extending his arms and recovering. Does a nice job at redirecting rushers and help blocking when he doesn’t have his own man to block.

Run Blocking: Quick first step and is explosive of the snap. Comes out of his stance with excellent leverage, and maintains that leverage for the duration of the block. Can get overwhelmed by bigger defensive tackles at time, but does a good job of never panicking and working his technique. Moves well in space and is very agile. Is an effective puller. Displays the ability to reach the second level and get his hands on linebackers. Does a good job at sustaining blocks, but needs to become consistent at finishing them.

Awareness: Excellent awareness. Has experience playing both guard and center, so he has a feel for both positions and knows the responsibilities of each. Knows his assignments and keys. Solid recognition of unsuspecting blitzers. Picks up twists and stunts, and passes off rushers well. Is the unquestioned leader of the Florida offensive line. Displays good communication between his fellow linemen and quarterback. Needs to improve his snapping mechanics. Had a lot of trouble early in the season, and a lot of balls hit the ground. His technique will improve with more practice time at center.

Toughness: Is a physical player that plays with attitude. Has a passion for the game and it shows in his play and demeanor.

Intangibles: The twin brother of Steelers 2010 1st round pick, Maurkice Pouncey. Rose to the challenge when his brother left for the draft. Became the leader of the offensive line and a 2010 team captain. Spoke out against Florida’s incoming freshmen, calling them cocky and telling them to shut their mouths and just bring it on Saturdays. Coaches and players rave about his character on and off the field. Is known for his jubilee personality.

Overall Stock: With Maurkice Pouncey entering the draft one year before his brother, and having an all pro year, Mike Pouncey’s stock is sky rocketing. Pouncey has the same tools as his brother and is capable of coming in and starting from day one. Pouncey is one of the more versatile linemen in the draft. He can play in a power or zone scheme. He can also play guard or center, and at a high level. As it sits now, Pouncey may be the only inline blocker to come off the board in the first round. He is head and shoulders above the rest.

NFL Comparison: Maurkice Pouncey

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