Julio Jones Scouting Report


Separation Skills/Route Running: In a very large 6’2″, 220-pound frame, Jones shows above average speed for a WR of his size. Showed enough in fact to return kicks and take two end-arounds for touchdowns, including a 39 yard touchdown in his recent bowl game. Comes from a pro-style offense and can run every route in the tree. Will need time to perfect those routes, but that should not be a problem considering his work ethic. Performs well on the outside as well as in the slot.

Ball Skills: I wouldn’t give Julio the nod above Justin Blackmon for best ball skills in the draft, but he is definitely close to the top. Uses his large frame well to shield defenders and snags the ball out the air with his hands, not letting it get into his body. Inconsistent hands during his freshman and sophomore year, but dedicated himself during the spring and came into his junior year sure handed.

Big play ability: Jones gaudy measurables make him a threat to make big plays anywhere on the field. During his career at Alabama, he proved this much. I don’t expect him to have the big play ability of a Mike Wallace or Desean Jackson in the NFL, but to be able to be more like a Larry Fitzgerald, using his size and hands to make his presence on the field felt. His big plays might come more from YAC and running through defenders as oppose to running by them.

Competitiveness/Toughness: Extremely physical receiver. Not only down the field, but also off the snap of the ball. Even at the next level, cornerbacks will not find it easy jamming Jones at the line of scrimmage. Has worked hard at putting on muscle and has an NFL ready body. Would not say he has the highest motor out there, but is definitely no slouch. One of his biggest skills is his ability to block down the field for other receivers and running backs. Very competitive, especially when facing top tier cornerbacks. Jones went against top rank cornerback prospect Patrick Peterson and accumulated 10 catches for 89 yards and 1 touchdown.

Intangibles: No big characters issues surrounding Jones. Had a broken wrist during the 2009 season, but was able to work his way back and have an excellent 2010 campaign. Very Vocal on the field, and like any receiver, is always wanting the ball thrown his direction.

Overall Stock: One of the most anticipated receivers to ever come out of high school. Will most likely be gone in the early 1st round, and is expected to make an immediate impact.

NFL comparison: Larry Fitzgerald and Marques Colston

* * *