Torrey Smith Scouting Report


Separation Skills/Route Running: Uses his speed and quickness to separate from defenders effortlessly during vertical routes. Excels at executing nine and seven routes. Still developing as an intermediate route runner. Separation is good but could be much better with less drifting and crisper breaks. Tends to take unnecessary steps when gearing down on comeback routes. Really excels at separating from defenders after the catch. Always a threat to score after catching a drag route or bubble screen.

Ball Skills: Inconsistent ball skills. At times, meets the ball at it’s apex and snatches it from the sky. At other times, allows the ball to reach his frame–securing it with his forearms. Will need to gain muscle memory and utilize his hands on a more steady basis. Possesses extremely small hands (8 5/8 inches) for a receiver. This may be a concern at the next level. Despite not being 6’2″ plus like other receivers in the draft, does a nice job of timing his jumps and winning the majority of jump ball situations. Also is above average at tracking the ball over his shoulder. Displays great focus, especially on poorly thrown balls. Has the ability to adjust and make the difficult catch. Excellent body and field awareness. Knows how to keep control while securing a sideline catch.

Big play ability: With superb acceleration and excellent top end speed, Smith makes a ton of plays all over the field. Has the ability to take bubble screens, drags, or any vertical route the distance. Has some wiggle to his game. Lateral movement is above average and so is his vision. Is excellent in the return game because of this. Can make defenders miss in open field and hit a crease to daylight. A very smooth and fluent athlete that makes it look effortless.

Competitiveness/ Toughness: Competes for every ball thrown his way. Breaks up potential interceptions. Some what of a cerebral player. Is not overly vocal. Doesn’t run many routes over the middle of the field. Seems to always avoid big contact. Not the type of player to put his head down and gain extra yards.

Intangibles: Named to the ALL-ACC First Team. Not the typical diva receiver. Good teammate. Has already graduated with a degree in criminal science. Quiet, modest and humble athlete. Experience many hardships through his youth and has found a way to prosper.

Overall Stock: Torrey Smith has the unfortunate opportunity to follow behind former teammate Darrius Heyward-Bey, and will automatically be marked as a clone. That is not the case though. Smith is a fast football player playing football. Heyward-Bey is a fast track star playing football. Don’t expect Smith to make the huge first round leap that Heyward-Bey did. He isn’t quite as tall or quite as fast, also, the Raiders don’t have a first round pick. Unlike most speed receivers, Smith has good some size to him. This allows him to escape the pigeon hole of slot receiver. He can line up outside the numbers and be quite effective.  If Smith can continue to develop is route running and catching techniques, he’ll be successful at the next level. He’s a fringe first round selection at the moment. Teams picking in the back quarter of the draft are in need of a receiver, so he should get plenty of looks. Worst case scenario, he is selected mid second round.

NFL Comparisons: Pierre Garcon, Roddy White, and Jamaal Charles (In open field)

* * *