Nick Fairley Scouting Report


Versus the Run: Very stout against the run, even verse the double. Good lower body strength allows him to anchor the point of attack. Above average upper body strength. Has a powerful punch that knocks linemen on their heels. Is very explosive. Can shoot gaps and cause disruption in the running game. Does a good job of using his long arms and shedding blockers. Very good instincts and recognition. Finds the ball well, and is an excellent tackler. Wraps up and comes down with all of his body weight.

Pass Rush Skills: Dominant in this area. Very quick off the snap. Fires through gaps furiously. Rushes the quarterback with bad intentions. Plays nasty. Exhibits a solid bull rush, swim, and rip move. Does a good job of disengaging blockers once he’s in the backfield and finding the quarterback. Has above average closing burst. Requires a double team or chip. Consistently beats one on one match ups.

Quickness (hands/feet): Very quick and light on his feet to be 300 pounds. Quick hands as well. Can do a better job at being violent with his hands. Gets his hands up in passing lanes when he does not reach the quarterback.

Toughness/Motor: The toughest player on the auburn team. Plays the game at a different attitude level than anyone in the nation. Is a big bully on the defensive line. Solid motor when rushing the passer, but tends to wane against the run. Also shows a poor motor when he realizes he’s not going to get to the Quarterback. Can do a better job at chasing down plays outside of the box.

Intangibles: 2010 Lombardi award winner. 2010 1st Team AP All-American. Is a border line dirty player. Tends to slam quarterbacks to the ground, and lands on them with all of his weight. No off the field issues.

Overall Stock: Nick Fairley is the beastliest interior defensive lineman in the nation. He is unblockable by one person, and almost unblockable by two people. Fairley has showed time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. Fairley is explosive in all aspects of his game, and plays the game with a mean streak. Those traits will transition well to the NFL. His size and strength allows him to be scheme diverse. He can play the 3 technique in the 4-3 defense, or the 5 technique in the 3-4 defense. The Lombardi award winner accumulated 10.5 sacks and 21 tackles for loss in 2010, exceptional production from an interior defensive lineman. Fairley could easily be the first player off the board come the 2011 NFL Draft, he’s that good. His inconsistent motor will more than likely keep him from that however. He’ll definitely go in the top 10 though.

NFL Comparison: Kevin Williams

* * *