Aaron Williams Scouting Report


Instincts/Recognition: An athletic prospect with a high football IQ. Is very good at reading the receiver’s eyes and finds the ball quickly in the air. Has top-notch route recognition, leading the Longhorns in passes broken up with 13. Will peak into the backfield too much, causing late reactions. Also tends to guess and take chances far too often. Against the run, recognizes it quickly and attacks it downhill.

Cover skills: Quick feet which allow him to mirror receivers and play the slot in nickel situations. Has enough speed to keep up with receivers, and the hip flexibility to execute a 180 degree turn and cut as receivers do. Gets in and out of his breaks smoothly and quickly. Despite his size, not violent enough in press coverage. Needs to use his hands and direct receivers better. Pad level is inconsistent during back pedal. Plays too upright at times. Too aggressive at times. Double moves and pump fakes will fool him from time to time.

Ball skills: Excellent at defending jump ball situations. Gets his head around in time to locate and react. Not the biggest playmaker in terms of interceptions, but breaks up a lot of passes. Does show the ability to catch the ball cleanly with the opportunity presents itself.

Run Support: Loves to stick his nose in the play and tackle. Is a solid tackler who always wraps up. Is excellent at keeping his eyes on the target while shedding blockers. Not the best in run support and his open field tackling cannot be relied on.

Intangibles: Has a high football IQ, and was praised by his coaches for his maturity. Has some versatility to his game. Has the skills and size to play Cornerback or Safety. Also can contribute on special teams. Named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Comes from football bloodlines. The nephew of Ken Taylor.

Overall Stock: Williams stock has flip flopped all draft season between the 1st and 2nd round. Many NFL scouts see Williams as a Free Safety at the next level, much like Antrel Rolle of the New York Giants. Being able to return punts and kicks will help his draft stock. With the aggression he plays with and the lacking of elite top end speed, Williams could benefit from a move to free safety. Being so instinctive with the ball in the air, and with the power he puts behind his pads, Williams could excel in the NFL at this position. He can also step in right away and play nickel for the team that drafts him.

NFL Comparison: Antrel Rolle

* * *